Glazing Replacement – Hyatt House

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Single Section Glazing Replacement The Hyatt House, located in the Denver Tech Center, noticed damage to their existing ridge skylight and called us for repair. Spanning 10.5′, the existing daylight system is made up of eight (8) sections of glazing, broken into sections of four (4) on each side of the ridge-line. Our initial inspection …

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Cheyenne Mtn Zoo | Phase 1

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A wild hail storm The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo was hit by a wild hail storm on August 6, 2018 that injured 14 guests, killed two zoo birds and severely damaged an estimated 400 vehicles in the parking lot. Many of the animal exhibits have skylights, which were hit so hard by the hail that all …

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Re-Glaze Skylights | Mountain Plaza

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Copper Mountain Ski Resort’s Center Village

The skylights on these units have reached their lifetime limit and are leaking. The management company in charge of maintenance covered…

MAGS BAR Skylight on a High Rise

MAGS BAR Skylight

This particular project had a very unique problem which could have been solved with more money. However, our solution, a MAGS BAR skylight…