VA Clinic | Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach structural ridge skylights 33905-10

The new clinic will replace two smaller VA facilities in Daytona Beach, FL. The planned building is set to be built along the west side …

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Construction | Lausanne Condos

lausanne set glazing 23835-16-101923

Erecting the New Skylight.
It starts on the ground.

The primary frame pieces will be assembled on the ground. These are the pieces that will position everything else. The fit around the elevator and…

Prep for Safety | Lausanne Condos

Lausanne skylight retrofit 23835-21-13.13-2

Protecting the residents.

First things first, we take our safety very seriously. That means a safety plan that includes warning line barriers, and a debris net to catch anything might fall or…

Demolition | Lausanne Condos

Lausanne skylight demolition 23835-25-10.25

The Crew Has Been Busy with Demo Work.

While our specialists have been setting the safety anchors, the rest of the crew were busy at roof level. Caps have been removed and the acrylic lenses removed.

Coastland Mall Skylight Inspection


An onsite skylight inspection and survey was made on January 25th 2012 by Skylight Specialists, Inc. Represented by Rob Packard. Skylights of concern…

Worn Out Skylight Replacement


Simons Properties asked us to replace the glass pyramid skylight located over the information center booth. This worn out skylight needed new glass and a new…