Skylight Specialists, Inc., a Denver, CO company, brings 35-years of commercial daylighting experience to the nation. We offer advice from a perspective that comes from decades of hands-on experience with existing skylight technology.

Available for work in Colorado and coast to coast —
It all starts with a simple phone call.

We know what works and can fix what doesn’t.

Free Phone Evaluation

Call us with an address and detailed description of your basic problem(s) with your skylight or project.
We will discuss your options on the limited information available at no charge.

Free Email Detailed Evaluation

Provide pictures of the skylight(s)

  • Closeup detailed pictures.
  • Pictures that show the overall condition of the skylight.
  • And a perspective of the building, etc.

Provide basic dimensions of different parts of the skylight, such as overall width and length, panel or pane dimensions, curb height, etc.

We will discuss available options and provide preliminary quotes at no charge.

Comprehensive Site Visit and Report $2500

  • Examine existing installation and site conditions.
  • Evaluate daylighting performance.
  • Investigate the re-use of existing structures.
  • We evaluate all problems with your skylight(s).
  • We provide a detailed report on the condition of all skylights including recommended repairs and/or retrofit.
  • We provide cost proposals for all different options available, including replacement if needed.

We Can:

  • Provide engineering expertise for difficult project conditions.
  • Work closely with manufacturers to provide a custom system with advanced technology.
  • Provide RFP’s (Request For Proposal) for submittal.
  • Demolish and remove old system if needed.
  • Provide professional installation by factory trained installers.
Detailed information on all consultation projects on our site.

• Design/Build • Repair-Replace-Retrofit • Consulting