Polygon Skylight Glass Replacement

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A new roof on this residence in Alabama prompted the replacement of glass with failed seals. The skylight also had some issues arising from mistakes made with the original installation.

Some of the issues:

A flashing pan collects water, typically from condensation, and redirects it through weep holes to the exterior. There is no flashing pan, Improper gutter design allowed water to build up in the gutter and overflow into the skylight. Wet seal of glass is not continuous and has holes in areas. A path designed to weep water is caulked over, preventing water from exiting the skylight.


We will remove the glass and the frame from the roof. The roofing company will construct a new curb and we will return to reset the framework and install new Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope glass.

A relatively straightforward process, but removing 40 glass units and unbolting the frame is labor intensive. Lifting the framework from the roof to the ground is a simple operation, yet one that requires a great deal of care.

The roofing company will install a new curb and when their work in the area is completed, we will return to crane the frame up to the curb, reset it and install new glass units.

Lifting the Framework:

There is a considerable amount of time involved in prepping the skylight frame and the new curb itself. Once those tasks are completed, it’s short work to lift and place the frame. Once the framework is attached, another time consuming task, it’s time to begin setting the glass.

Setting Glass:

This is where our expertise really comes in to play. Lifting glass some 50 feet in the air and lowering into place requires a lot of coordination between crane operator and the crew and there is absolutely no room for error. Breaking any glass would be extremely expensive, in time and dollars!

No breakage, no major issues, the frame and glass are set in a single day. Hats off to our crew!

Product used:

  • 20’ 9” decagon dome skylight
  • (40) units Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope Solarban 60 clear / clear glass.

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