Tube Light Skylights

VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylights provide a cost effective method for transferring daylight through the roof.

Kelly Walsh HS - Casper, WY 82609 - 195 Velux Sun Tunnels by Skylight Specialists, Inc.
  • Product Type

    Tube Light, Curb Mounted


    22 inch

The newest generation of SUN TUNNELS™ provide increased daylight, more light control, special functions and are easier (cheaper) to install.

VELUX Commercial SUN TUNNEL™ skylights are designed for flat or low slope commercial roofing applications that are above spaces that will benefit from daylight, thereby reducing energy loads and improving occupant’s performance and comfort.
Ideal applications for commercial SUN TUNNEL™ skylights includes schools, retail spaces, and warehouses that require a cost effective daylight solution. The round, highly reflective light shaft requires less assembly time compared to previous commercial SUN TUNNEL skylights.

Cost savings can be achieved with open ceiling applications.

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