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Ten glass pyramid skylights atop Denver Water’s Moffat Treatment Plant date back to the opening of the facility in 1937.  During the Great Depression, the construction of the entire north collection employed over 1,200 men.  Located in Lakewood, it is Denver Water’s oldest. 

moffat opening 1937
Mayor Benjamin Stapleton at the plants grand opening in 1937

What Is Interesting About This Project? 

What’s interesting about this project is the fact that these glass pyramid skylights are over an area of the treatment plant where the filter beds are located. In order to reduce the amount of direct sunlight into the filter beds which contributes to algae, the treatment plant personnel painted the glass on the pyramids with black paint.  The new glass panes that will be installed by our crew will also be painted black.

Skylight Specialists, Inc. to the Rescue! 

We start things off with sending our commercial foreman out for a site measurement verification. These glass pyramid skylights have several different shapes and sizes of glass. We strive to be 100% accurate before ordering the glass to get ready for installation. 

Our glass order from Oldcastle BE arrives without incident. Watching our pros off-load the 188 units of glass into the warehouse only caused me to have a mild bout of anxiety. 

biting nails

Therefore, the next time I will stay in the office and not torture myself by watching!

Glass Pyramid Skylights Are Complete

Work begins with installing a protective tarp underneath the glass pyramid skylights to ensure debris protection. Finally, the new glass panes are installed on each skylight and they all fit like a glove. The team at Denver Water will follow behind us and paint the new panes with black paint.  Why cover the glass with paint again and not remove the skylights altogether you ask?

Because when the North System Renewal Project is completed in 2023, the Moffat treatment plant will be repurposed into a distribution site. And in return, the new treatment plant will feature updated technology and systems.

Products Used: 

1/4″ Clear Heat Strengthened Laminate.

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  1. Our project is very similar to the Denver example. I’m a consultant hired by the insurance carrier to cost analysis on the repairs after Hurricane Ida. Damage appears to be minimal but the age and condition may require extensive work or full replacement.


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