Glazing Replacement – Westerra Credit Union

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Westerra Credit Union in Lakewood, CO, contacted us with complaints of energy inefficiency and sun glaring from their existing ridge skylight. For years, the skylight has been covered with a custom made tarp to limit those effects.  In May, we will be replacing all the sections of glazing the skylight holds with new high performance tinted glass.

Tarps, covers and other miscellaneous materials are typically used as quick & cheap remedies for issues like heat gain, minor leaking, glares, etc. The common misconception is that a full replacement of the entire skylight and/or its glazing will be more costly. Unfortunately, those “band-aid” fixes are only temporary and require constant maintenance. The worst cases will end up creating secondary issues, such as interior or exterior damage to the building.

A longer term solution on the other hand, will always be backed by our workmanship and product warranties. You’ll also be able to enjoy your skylight!

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