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Glazing Bar – MAGS BAR

Non-Structural Glazing System Multiple Application Glazing System (MAGS) Bar is available in 24′ lengths and can be shipped anywhere, either in full length or in 8′ sections through UPS or FedEx. Complete non-structural glazing system designed to custom build on site systems that perform without leaks and easy to replace glazing as necessary. Will hold … Continue reading Glazing Bar – MAGS BAR

Daylighting Dilemma

How to design a daylighting project without the worry of too much or too little light The daylighting dilemma is how do you design a large enough skylight to bring in adequate light during the winter months without bringing in too much light and heat during the summer months? The answer is simple, design a … Continue reading Daylighting Dilemma

Shopping Mall Skylight Repairs

When will management companies learn to get their skylights repaired professionally to safeguard them from continually dumping money into repairs that don’t work and the resulting costs to repair drywall and paint. Once again I am contacted by a mall where I have provided bids five different times in a span of over twenty years. The mall … Continue reading Shopping Mall Skylight Repairs

Over Stocked Polycarbonate Panels, Selling at Cost!

The Green Panels Seen Below are Deeply Discounted These polycarbonate panels are perfect for carports, canopies, wall dividers, skylights, even changing the exterior look of your building, you name it. Skylight Specialists, Inc. has an overstock of the Pentaglas 16 System polycarbonate panels. These homogeneous insulated panels with five layers of isolated air spaces and … Continue reading Over Stocked Polycarbonate Panels, Selling at Cost!

Southwest Plaza Skylights

Southwest Plaza, Denver, CO Skylight Repair Once again we have been hired to consult and repair commercial grade skylights on a shopping mall. This time the skylights are in our home town, which is nice, but we do work all over the nation and are used to it. In some ways I think the crews … Continue reading Southwest Plaza Skylights

Daylighting Dilemma and Intelligent Daylighting Solutions

What is the biggest problems when designing with overhead and vertical glazing and what is the best solution The daylighting dilemma is described as “How do you allow sufficient light into a space without letting in too much heat from the sun.” Many architects go through great lengths to design spaces with daylight, because they … Continue reading Daylighting Dilemma and Intelligent Daylighting Solutions

Fire-rated Skylights

Is there such a thing as a 1-hour or 2-hour rated skylight? Technically, and/or typically skylights do not have a fire rating. They are not part of the structural roof therefore do not require a one hour or two hour rating. There are other fire ratings, however. There is Class A or CC1, these are … Continue reading Fire-rated Skylights