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Fiber Bloom

Kalwall Fiber Bloom Fiberglass skylights are protected from the elements by a coating sometimes referred to as “gel coat”. The coating has a UV blockage component to help prevent the sun’s rays from damaging the fiberglass and causing fiber bloom. Fiberglass Gel Coat Unfortunately the coating applied to the exterior of the skylights by the … Continue reading Fiber Bloom

National Fenestration Rating Council

Yossi Vinograd with CPI Daylighting assists NFRC in setting daylighting standards Yossi Vinograd, principal of CPI Daylighting, served as Chair of the Translucent Panel VT Task Group, assigned to develop a procedure for determining translucent fenestration product visible transmittance at normal incidence. The committee addressed missing data on the NFRC website pertaining to the Visible … Continue reading National Fenestration Rating Council

Daylighting Technical Data

One Source Stop for Information on Daylighting Design Rarely do you find as much accurate and up to date information on daylighting in one place. Check out the link below to help you solve any of your daylighting dilemma’s. A wealth of information ranging from Intelasun, a product which allows you to control the daylight, … Continue reading Daylighting Technical Data

Glazing Bar – MAGS BAR

Non-Structural Glazing System Multiple Application Glazing System (MAGS) Bar is available in 24′ lengths and can be shipped anywhere, either in full length or in 8′ sections through UPS or FedEx. Complete non-structural glazing system designed to custom build on site systems that perform without leaks and easy to replace glazing as necessary. Will hold … Continue reading Glazing Bar – MAGS BAR

Aluminum Free-Span Structures

Utilizing Aluminum in Green Applications without internal supports We utilize aluminum as a material of choice and only aluminum in our structural solutions. The material’s extrudability, light weight, and strength make it the logical choice for exterior architectural ­applications. CST Covers was formed from an acquisition of Conservatek and Temcor and is a global leader … Continue reading Aluminum Free-Span Structures

Comparison of Two Different Styles of Polycarbonate Panel Systems

Comparison of the Quadwall System to a Typical Tongue & Groove 40mm Polycarbonate glazing CPI Daylighting offers a superior performing polycarbonate skylight or wall system than their competitors. This fact sheet compares the Quad Wall System to other products head to head in all categories. Quadwall-Comparison

Glass of the Future

Corning has developed an incredible product that is very durable and versatile

Check out this video that shows what we can and will be able to do with glass, now and in the future. I have been hearing that Corning has been working on this for a long time and this is the first I’ve seen of what this new product will be like. Velux had a glass darkening product at one time but it was too expensive and it took too long to darken. I am sure this product will make it’s way into the skylighting world soon!

Skylight Window Film or Tint

Applying window films helps reduce energy costs, protect interior furnishings from fading, and increase the safety of the public. Installing window films is a great way to save energy, reduce CO2 emissions and help curb rising energy costs. Films can block up to 80% of the sun’s heat—not only saving money, but making you more comfortable as … Continue reading Skylight Window Film or Tint