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When will management companies learn

to get their skylights repaired professionally to safeguard them from continually dumping money into repairs that don’t work and the resulting costs to repair drywall and paint.

Once again I am contacted by a mall where I have provided bids five different times in a span of over twenty years. The mall never previously hired us, I assume because our recommended repair cost too much. Each time we went back for another estimate we would see the results of the previous repair that was inadequate to solve the problem. In some cases our bid went up because we had to un-do what the latest failed repair did to the skylights. Never has anyone been successful in getting the repairs done right.

Now, the maintenance company that works closely with the mall in getting repairs done has stated that they are finally tired of paying so much for the interior repairs, drywall and paint, etc. because the skylights continue to leak. They are ready to get the skylight repaired properly.

How frustrating for us that if they just would have hired us in the first place they could have avoided all this money being spent plus I am sure they lose tenants because of the leaks and because of the constant repair work being done. I am also sure that eventually the public gets tired of it too and the mall goes downhill in sales and revenue.

Part of the reason we can’t “close” some of these repair bids is because we are denied access to the people that make decisions. A maintenance man at the mall will find us, talk to us and understand our expertise. Then the quote goes to him and we are never allowed to discuss the reasons we are bidding the project, or why the cost is what it is, etc.

If you have a need for a commercial skylight repair and you are responsible for the decision, contact us directly so we can spend time with you educating you on your skylights and the choices that you have in getting the problem to go away. You’ll make a much better decision in the repairs even if you don’t hire us.

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