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Skylights Survive Direct Hit from Hurricane Irma

Glass Skylights Ride Out the Storm The old skylights on top of the eight story building at the Lausanne Condominiums were constructed of acrylic and an old ball and strut designed framework. The Lausanne board  members decided they should replace the system because of signs of wear and tear, such as rusted anchor bolts, crazing … Continue reading Skylights Survive Direct Hit from Hurricane Irma

Why Passive Fall Protection is Important

Man Breaks Both Legs After Falling Through Skylight At Bed-Stuy Roof Party A man was seriously injured after falling through the skylight of a roof in Brooklyn early Sunday, officials said.  The 25-year-old man was attending a party in Bed-Stuy at 185 Malcolm X Boulevard when he plunged through the rooftop window at around 1 … Continue reading Why Passive Fall Protection is Important

Structural Dome Retrofit – Lausanne Condos Completed!

The skylight retrofit has been completed. All work has been completed.  The Lausanne Condominiums in Naples Florida is a beachfront high-rise building, actually two buildings, in the Moorings neighborhood. The Lausanne was built in 1980 and features structural dome skylights, its own beach access and is located close to the Moorings Country Club. Endorsement Before … Continue reading Structural Dome Retrofit – Lausanne Condos Completed!

Lausanne II Is Underway!

Work begins on the second skylight retrofit at the Lausanne Condos.

The crew moved to the second building in the complex and demolition proceeded at a rapid pace. With safety systems in place, the existing dome has been demolished and construction has begun.

Kalwall & Fiberglass Skylights

Kalwall Skylights Kalwall skylights are made with FRP, or fiber-reinforced polymers, commonly known as fiberglass. All fiberglass constructed skylights require maintenance. Cleaning the skylights periodically is helpful in removing pollution and light-blocking dirt from the exterior surface. Fiberglass skylights have an exterior gelcoat that helps reduce damage from UV rays, but this wears away over time. It … Continue reading Kalwall & Fiberglass Skylights

DoubleTree Hotels Skylight Inspection

DoubleTree Hotels Skylight Inspection Certified Skylight Inspectors

The DoubleTree hotels, that have skylights, have been asked by corporate to perform a skylight inspection every five years. It is important to have a certified skylight inspector perform the skylight analysis and check-up, including energy studies, if needed.

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