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Comparison of Two Different Styles of Polycarbonate Panel Systems

Comparison of the Quadwall System to a Typical Tongue & Groove 40mm Polycarbonate glazing CPI Daylighting offers a superior performing polycarbonate skylight or wall system than their competitors. This fact sheet compares the Quad Wall System to other products head to head in all categories. Quadwall-Comparison

Transform an Old Parking Garage with Translucent Skin

One way to create a new look with an old building One excellent way to take an old building, let’s use an old parking garage as an example, and totally change the appearance of the building, is to “skin” it with polycarbonate panel system, manufactured by CPI. The change in appearance is so dramatic that I … Continue reading Transform an Old Parking Garage with Translucent Skin

Fire-rated Skylights

Is there such a thing as a 1-hour or 2-hour rated skylight? Technically, and/or typically skylights do not have a fire rating. They are not part of the structural roof therefore do not require a one hour or two hour rating. There are other fire ratings, however. There is Class A or CC1, these are … Continue reading Fire-rated Skylights