Kalwall & Fiberglass Skylights

Kalwall at Birmingham Water Works before and polycarbonate after.

Kalwall Skylights Kalwall skylights are made with FRP, or fiber-reinforced polymers, commonly known as fiberglass. All fiberglass constructed skylights require maintenance. Cleaning the skylights periodically is helpful in removing pollution and light-blocking dirt from the exterior surface. Fiberglass skylights have an exterior gelcoat that helps reduce damage from UV rays, but this wears away over time. It …

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Skylight Insurance Costs

project header La Mer skylight 12049

Many condominiums have large skylight systems spanning courtyard or open areas. Some of these systems have started to fail but the building owners are more worried about the large cost of replacing these monumental systems. Acrylic skylights seem like the best solution because they are the cheapest to install. But there is a hidden costs to these …

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Fall Protection Skylights

Fall Protection Skylights Fall protection skylights are available for replacements and in many cases retrofitting your existing skylights to bring them up to code. If you are the owner of a building it is important to know the following information about your skylights, especially if you are looking to repair or replace the skylights. Failure …

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Certified Hilton Hotels Skylight Inspection

Marriott Hotel Skylight Retrofit-11536-66

Hilton Hotels Certified Skylight Inspectors The Hilton Management team has asked all their hotels to perform a skylight inspection before the end of the year. But it is important to have a certified skylight inspector perform the skylight analysis and check-up. Skylight Specialists, Inc., a Denver, CO company, brings 35-years of commercial daylighting experience to …

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Skylight Inspection Requirements

skylight inspection requirements

Skylight Issues Interfering with Your Business? We can solve any skylight problems that you may be experiencing on your commercial building and let you know what the skylight inspection requirements are. We can handle and have experience with any number of issues with your skylights, ranging from making the skylights fall protection safe, problems with …

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Skylight Consulting

It is important to know as much as possible about your skylights on your commercial building – It will save money and time. Many companies understand the importance of knowing the condition and lifespan of the skylights on their buildings that they own or manage. You have to know what type of skylight you have, …

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Shopping Mall Skylight Repairs

When will management companies learn to get their skylights repaired professionally to safeguard them from continually dumping money into repairs that don’t work and the resulting costs to repair drywall and paint. Once again I am contacted by a mall where I have provided bids five different times in a span of over twenty years. The mall …

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Bridgeport, Connecticut Skylight Damage

Rare tornado shattered the heart of Connecticut’s largest city The city of Bridgeport was hit Thursday, June 24th 2010 by a huge storm, including a tornado, which is unusual for this city. Damage was extensive, including skylights in the area. Skylight Specialists, Inc. are experts in evaluating and repairing or replacing skylights caused by this …

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Commercial Skylight Repairs Made Easy

How can I get somebody to fix my skylight? Okay, so you know you have a problem that won’t go away. You’ve tried to hire roofers and/or other locals that said they can stop your leak. Sometimes they were successful for short periods of time but yet, there is a noticable increase of damage to …

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HD Supply Facility Skylight Repair

Fire Marshall Requests Certification of Skylights We traveled to San Diego, CA to inspect and repair skylights for HD Supply. The trip was successful and the work was completed to every one’s satisfaction. See our website for reference information. We supplied the necessary documentation needed by the Fire Marshall to insure the skylights will open …

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