Over Stocked Polycarbonate Panels, Selling at Cost!

The Green Panels Seen Below are Deeply Discounted

These polycarbonate panels are perfect for carports, canopies, wall dividers, skylights, even changing the exterior look of your building, you name it.


CPI1GreenSkylight Specialists, Inc. has an overstock of the Pentaglas 16 System polycarbonate panels. These homogeneous insulated panels with five layers of isolated air spaces and tight multi-cell spacing is strong and incredibly hail resistant.

The polycarbonate panels in stock are green. The light transmittance is 41% and the shading coefficient is 0.56. The U factor is .38 making the insulating factor better than an insulated glass skylight. These panels are perfect for barrel vault canopies, decorative outside applications, skylights, wall lights and facades.

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