Kalwall & Fiberglass Skylights

Kalwall at Birmingham Water Works before and polycarbonate after.

Kalwall Skylights Kalwall skylights are made with FRP, or fiber-reinforced polymers, commonly known as fiberglass. All fiberglass constructed skylights require maintenance. Cleaning the skylights periodically is helpful in removing pollution and light-blocking dirt from the exterior surface. Fiberglass skylights have an exterior gelcoat that helps reduce damage from UV rays, but this wears away over time. It …

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Fiber Bloom


Kalwall Fiber Bloom Fiberglass skylights are protected from the elements by a coating sometimes referred to as “gel coat”. The coating has a UV blockage component to help prevent the sun’s rays from damaging the fiberglass and causing fiber bloom. Fiberglass Gel Coat Unfortunately the coating applied to the exterior of the skylights by the …

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Polycarbonate – Fiberglass Wall Lite Comparison

Exterior view of failed fiberglass wall lights

Exterior view of failed fiberglass wall lights The wall light with the ladder against it on the right is failed fiberglass (not plywood as it appears) that we replaced with polycarbonate (as shown on the left) Interior comparison pictures.

Polycarbonate Wall Lights

Comparison between a failed fiberglass wall light and newly installed polycarbonate wall light. Note the difference in light between the polycarbonate wall lights on the right compared to the fiberglass wall light on the left. The amount of light from the new CPI Wall Lites was unbelievably brighter than the old fiberglass wall lites. Michael …

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Retrofit Skylights

Many fiberglass skylights are failing and need replaced Many architects, contractors, insurance adjusters, engineers, forensics specialists and building maintenance people are discovering the deterioration of fiberglass skylights. Fiberglass is protected from the suns damaging UV rays by a gel coat. Unfortunately, the gel coat only lasts 10-15 years and then the fiberglass begins to fall apart, allowing water and …

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Satellite Images of Monumental Skylight Replacements

  A before and after picture of a skylight in Charlotte, North Carolina Before Pictures of old cruddy looking fiberglass skylight that was only sixteen years old. Maintenance people had to shut down the top floor because of the out-gassing of putrid smell through the fiberglass skylight. Replaced with polycarbonate barrel vaults, manufactured by CPI. …

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Heat Loss Through Fiberglass Skylights

Snow is melted because the skylight panel is not thermally broken and therefore conducts heat/cold through the panel.

Another example of problems with fiberglass skylights The picture in this blog post shows a fiberglass skylight with a light covering of snow. Notice how all snow is melted at the grid lines. The reason for this is because the aluminum that is located on the inside of the panel is not thermally broken and …

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Texas Skylight Repair

Texas is close enough to Colorado to allow Skylight Specialists, Inc. to perform commercial skylight repairs Texas is a big state, as we all know, but close enough to Colorado to allow us to travel there by vehicle to perform commercial skylight repairs. There are many commercial monumental skylights in need of repairs including rusted …

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Fiberglass Skylight Replacement

Another Kalwall Fiberglass Replacement We will soon be replacing another fiberglass skylight where the owner is complaining of a horrid “fish-type” smell in their interior spaces. The gel-coat on the skylights have deteriorated and the fiberglass is fiber blooming. This allows water to penetrate the outer layer of fiberglass and it enters into the middle …

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