Certified Hilton Hotels Skylight Inspection

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Hilton Hotels Certified Skylight Inspectors

The Hilton Management team has asked all their hotels to perform a skylight inspection before the end of the year. But it is important to have a certified skylight inspector perform the skylight analysis and check-up.

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Skylight Specialists, Inc., a Denver, CO company, brings 35-years of commercial daylighting experience to the nation. We have full contractor’s class B licenses in many states, including but not limited to: Colorado, California, Wyoming and Florida (coming soon). We offer advice from a perspective that comes from decades of hands-on experience with existing skylight technology. You can read more on our experience in inspecting hotels, or all of our consultation jobs.

2 thoughts on “Certified Hilton Hotels Skylight Inspection”

  1. I am the Rooms Division Manager at the Hilton Stockton. Hilton has now required us to have an inspection every five years for our skylight starting in 2017. We need to have an inspection certificate on file for our next Quality Assurance. Do you do this sort of thing?
    Thank you,
    Patti Torrens


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