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Many fiberglass skylights are failing and need replaced

Many architects, contractors, insurance adjusters, engineers, forensics specialists and building maintenance people are discovering the deterioration of fiberglass skylights. Fiberglass is protected from the suns damaging UV rays by a gel coat. Unfortunately, the gel coat only lasts 10-15 years and then the fiberglass begins to fall apart, allowing water and debris penetration. Many times the water inside the system causes mold growth an/or causes a very strong stinky smelling skylight.

The good news is there is a superior product on the market that can “skin” the skylight, utilizing the existing structural components, which keeps the cost down. Polycarbonate products on the market push a single layer, but a dual layer is much better for many reasons including UV protection, U values, and storm protection.

Check out the CPI Daylighting link below for more detailed information.

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