Architect’s Office Gets Daylighting Improvement


Sink Combs Dethlefs Improve’s Their Denver Office with Skylights Sink Combs Dethlefs are an architectural firm with offices across the nation, and they are expanding their office in downtown Denver and wanted to bring in more daylight into their space. As an architectural firm, they wanted to design their offices to fit their architectural style. This required …

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Metal Architecture article about CPI Daylighting Quadwall

Article on the University of Illinois Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) project from the June, 2012 edition Designed by VOA Associates Inc., the 340,000 square foot Activities and Recreation Center at the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign is one of the country’s largest on campus recreation centers. The majestic winter garden atrium and architectural entrance canopy are …

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Retrofit Skylights

Many fiberglass skylights are failing and need replaced Many architects, contractors, insurance adjusters, engineers, forensics specialists and building maintenance people are discovering the deterioration of fiberglass skylights. Fiberglass is protected from the suns damaging UV rays by a gel coat. Unfortunately, the gel coat only lasts 10-15 years and then the fiberglass begins to fall apart, allowing water and …

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Satellite Images of Monumental Skylight Replacements

  Before and after picture of a skylight in St Petersburg, Florida   See Also Skylight Consultation | Skylight Specialists Government Contract to Evaluate a Skylight on a St Petersburg Veterans Administration Building, VBA

North High School Skylights

North High, in Denver, CO is getting a lighting face lift. North High in Denver, Colorado is getting remodeled by Adolphson-Peterson and the sub-contractor Skylight Specialists, Inc. will be replacing the skylights on the building. These skylights will be replaced with polycarbonate skylights manufactured by CPI and glass skylights manufactured by Wasco. More information to follow, including …

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Skylight Fall Protection At It’s Best

  Leading the fight for increased safety in skylight fall protection Skylight Specialist Inc. has seen a dramatic increase in fall protection quote requests as buildings age and fall protection becomes more and more of a concern. From warehouse owners in up state New York to Industrial park owners in Modesto California the questions are …

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Columbine High School Skylight Project

An example of adaptive re-use in a famous educational institution Columbine High School is a good example of an adaptive re-use project. Columbine has become synonymous with the tragedy that occurred there. As a parent of recently graduated children, I have been in the school many, many times and as someone in the daylighting industry …

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Lexan Replacement

Old, deteriorated polycarbonate can be replaced with a high quality product Many structures in the 90’s utilized enclosing large roof spaces such as canopies, etc., with a new product, polycarbonate. The most common brand names are Lexan, Galena, Polygal, Extech and GE’s Thermoclear.This older style, wide-cell product is still in use today, however there are other brands that have …

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