Columbine High School Skylight Project

An example of adaptive re-use in a famous educational institution

Columbine High School is a good example of an adaptive re-use project. Columbine has become synonymous with the tragedy that occurred there. As a parent of recently graduated children, I have been in the school many, many times and as someone in the daylighting industry I did

Interior view of a skylight at Columbine HS in Littleton, CO

notice the beautiful skylight over the commons area. Through the adaptive re-use project there’s a brand new library and a new cafeteria with a ceiling that extends into where the second floor library used to be located. Murals of aspen trees reaching to the sky in memory of the victims hang from the atrium ceiling. The CPI skylight, a low rise barrel vault lets in translucent light from the polycarbonate green panels that light up the staircase to the second floor. It offers a different kind of light into a place darkened by a horrific act. The new light gives us hope, offers a new beginning and lights the way to the future. Everyone will always remember that dark day 10 years ago. But, light shines through.

To all the survivors and to the victims of April 20 1999, Skylight Specialist Inc. and CPI Daylighting salute you. We will not forget.

We are Columbine.

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