Skylight Fall Protection At It’s Best

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Leading the fight for increased safety in skylight fall protection

Skylight Specialist Inc. has seen a dramatic increase in fall protection quote requests as buildings age and fall protection becomes more and more of a concern.

From warehouse owners in up state New York to Industrial park owners in Modesto California the questions are all the same. Do I have to put that ugly “chicken wire” over my skylights?

There have always been options for fall protection. Simply exchanging the current acrylic domed or flat RFP panels with an OSHA approved polycarbonate skylights. But what about the larger industrial skylights, the ones built on a nominal 5’ rafter space? What can we offer the serious business owner to help them be OSHA compliant?

CPI Daylighting is always pushing the envelope of development. By offering MEGA curb mounted polycarbonate fall protection without loosing light transmittance. Mega Daylight, MEGA performance and MEGA strength.

CPI MegaSky skylights maximize daylighting benefits with nano-cell technology.

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