Aluminum Free-Span Structures

Utilizing Aluminum in Green Applications without internal supports

We utilize aluminum as a material of choice and only aluminum in our structural solutions. The material’s extrudability, light weight, and strength make it the logical choice for exterior architectural ­applications. CST Covers was formed from an acquisition of Conservatek and Temcor and is a global leader in the production and manufacturing of covers for municipal, industrial and architectural applications, covering space creatively.

For architects and customers interested in green building, aluminum’s non-corrosive nature means the structures are going to last and eliminate maintenance costs; saving money and imparting green benefits. CST Covers used aluminum with mastery to create the ethereal conservatory dome at San Antonio, TX’s Halsell Conservatory

The material’s recyclability is a huge benefit in green buildings, Using materials with a high recycled content not only helps achieve LEED certification, but also means value and green benefits at the structure’s end-of-life (which is years away), giving CST Covers’ leadership in innovative and lasting design.”

Grace Ferretti, manager of Architectural Sales for CST Covers

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