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Chicago, Illinois Skylight Replacement

Replacing old and worn out drop-out dome skylights We have been awarded a contract to replace 61 skylights for a firm in Chicago. Their existing skylights are drop-out domes that have degraded and leak. The new skylights are drop-out’s also. The customer wanted mechanical skylights but the local codes call for a higher curb and … Continue reading Chicago, Illinois Skylight Replacement

HD Supply Facility Skylight Repair

Fire Marshall Requests Certification of Skylights We traveled to San Diego, CA to inspect and repair skylights for HD Supply. The trip was successful and the work was completed to every one’s satisfaction. See our website for reference information. We supplied the necessary documentation needed by the Fire Marshall to insure the skylights will open … Continue reading HD Supply Facility Skylight Repair

Certifying Heat and Smoke Vent Skylights

San Diego, CA Fire Marshals Needs Home Depot Warehouse Skylights Certified We will be traveling to San Diego in July to certify for HD Supply Facility that their skylights on one of their warehouses will open as designed if there is a fire. We will open all the skylights, confirm the temperature of the fusible links and … Continue reading Certifying Heat and Smoke Vent Skylights

Fire Marshals Skylight Inspection

Fusible links control the automatically opening skylight Fire marshals will sometimes require building owners to prove that their heat and smoke vent skylights will open in case of a fire. This requires the latch to be released either from the interior or exterior manual pull. Additionally, the fusible link that allows the skylight to open … Continue reading Fire Marshals Skylight Inspection

CC-1 Fire rated skylights

These skylights meet some building departments requirements when a fire rated skylight is requested We have fiberglass skylights that do not have any aluminum in their construction that will meet some of the building departments requirements for fire rated skylights. There are some situations where a skylight that sits too close to a property line … Continue reading CC-1 Fire rated skylights

Fire-rated Skylights

Is there such a thing as a 1-hour or 2-hour rated skylight? Technically, and/or typically skylights do not have a fire rating. They are not part of the structural roof therefore do not require a one hour or two hour rating. There are other fire ratings, however. There is Class A or CC1, these are … Continue reading Fire-rated Skylights