Alderwood Mall Skylights

Alderwod Mall 16768_87

After a consultation trip and report presenting various options, the managers of this mall north of Seattle decided to go with a reseal and a complete…

Worn Out Skylight Replacement


Simons Properties asked us to replace the glass pyramid skylight located over the information center booth. This worn out skylight needed new glass and a new…

Marilyn Hickey Ministries Skylights

project header ridge skylights 3171-20111020-0930

Imagine a shopping center or mall that has continuous glass skylights over all the common areas. Now imagine a church purchases the mall and…

Burnett Residence Skylight Repair

Burnett Residence Skylight Repair-11472-1068

A homeowner in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL had a big skylight problem and wanted to find an expert skylight contractor. No one in her area had the…

Foothills Academy School Skylights

Foothills Academy header 4325

When the school board decided to remodel its Art Department, one of its goals was to improve the quality of light in the classrooms by adding skylights.