If your skylight falls into a standard size and shape — a skylight retrofit or replacement can be a cost effective solution.

Available for work in Colorado and Coast to Coast — It all starts with a simple phone call.

Expensive? Ineffective?

Many managers and owners express concerns on replacing or repairing the skylights on their buildings. They believe that new skylights will be prohibitively expensive and any fixes will be cheap, temporary Band-Aids with little lasting power.


In our experience, they are wrong on both accounts. Not only can we provide long lasting repairs, we can often replace medium unit skylights for less than the cost of a repair.

We work with every type of glazing and skylight shape. We work with multiple manufacturers to provide the ideal product for you. A full service contractor, we have the experience to install it properly the first time around.

Sikes Senter Mall Skylight Retrofit



The gutters or troughs that occur when skylights are installed side by side often cause issues from the day they were erected. We  refer to these as tandem or cluster units. Clusters have gutters that look like a cross or plus sign.
Leaks can be virtually impossible to cure without removing the skylights.


We redesign the skylight and eliminate these gutters entirely. You never have a leak from them again and you never have to pay a roofer to attempt to repair them again. Or pay for drywall repairs and painting to patch the damaged areas.

Done, problem solved.

Barrel Vault, Half Round, and Ridge Light systems are available as curb mount units in up to 10-foot widths in most cases and almost unlimited lengths.

Mariott Hotel Unit Skylight Retrofit

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Pentaglas TopLites

Pentaglas TopLites

Pre-Assembled Pentaglas®
Vault, Ridge.
Up to 7′ Wide and 23′ Long.
U-value 0.38 – L.T. up to 56%.
U-value 0.48 – L.T. up to 71%.

Quadwall TopLites

Quadwall TopLites

Pre-Assembled Vault, Ridge, Pyramid, Single Slope.
Up to 7′ Wide and 23′ Long.
Quadwall® 2 Panel Assembly.
U-value 0.23 – L.T. up to 52%.

SolarView TopLites

unit skylights

Monolithic Polycarbonate or Acrylic.
Pre-assembled Units.
Low Rise Continous Vaults.
Up to 7′ wide

American Skylightslogo American Skylights Pre-Fab to 22′ – Continuous Available

Frame Options

  • Curb-mounted.
  • With thermal breaks.
  • Colors: Mill , Bronze Anodized, Clear Anodized, or White.
  • Other anodized and custom industrial coating finishes are also available upon request.

Glazing Options

All options are available in: Clear, White, Bronze, & Gray.

  • Single or double glazed acrylic or polycarbonate (for impact resistance).
  • Twinwall polycarbonate sheet in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm thicknesses.
  • Triplewall polycarbonate sheet, 16mm.

Available Shapes

Skyline Skyliteslogo Skyline Sky Lites Pre-Fab to 22′ – Continuous Available

Frame Options

  • Curb-mounted.
  • Colors: Bronze Anodized, Clear Anodized.

Glazing Options

  • Single or Double Glazed Acrylic.
  • Clear, White, or Bronze.

Available Shapes

  • Barrel Vault Unit Skylight

    Barrel Vaults

  • Ridge Light Unit Skylight

    Ridge Light

  • Saddle Ridge Light Unit Skylight

    Saddle Ridge

  • Extended Pyramid Unit Skylight

    Extended Pyramid

Sikes Senter Mall Skylight Retrofit

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Retrofit Services:

CPI Daylighting and Skylight Specialists, Inc. partner with contractors, owners, and property managers in order to develop ideas and solutions during the initial project phase.

Some of these services include:
Design Guidance—evaluating skylight and glazing types—eliminating gutters whenever possible.
Cost Anaylisis.
Structural Evaluation and Field Measurements.
Preliminary CAD details.

Available Configurations | Practically Any Size or Shape:

VELUX Modular Skylights logo Velux

Product Details

Single Module System

VELUX Modular Skylights are a fully prefabricated modular concept that comes in a single module system. All essential components are created, tested and integrated in a controlled environment and prefitted prior to delivery.

Available Configurations

VELUX Modular Longlight

Free email consultation with price ranges for options.