Unit Skylights

If your skylight falls into a standard size and shape — a skylight retrofit or replacement can be a cost effective solution.

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    Prefabricated Dome Skylights
    Curb Mount Replacements
  • Parameters

    Standard Sizes to 75 sq ft
    Acrylic or Polycarbonate
    Single-Double-Triple Wall

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Curb-Mounted Pre-Assembled Units in Acrylic or Polycarbonate

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Expensive? Ineffective?

Many managers and owners express concerns on replacing or repairing the skylights on their buildings. They believe that new skylights will be prohibitively expensive and any fixes will be cheap, temporary Band-Aids with little lasting power.


In our experience, they are wrong on both accounts. Not only can we provide long lasting repairs, we can often replace small unit skylights for less than the cost of a repair.

We work with every type of glazing and skylight shape. We work with multiple manufacturers to provide the ideal product for you. A full service contractor, we have the experience to install it properly the first time around.

Standard Unit Skylights | District 49 Schools | Peyton CO


VELUX Dynamic Dome Unit Skylights

THE CHALLENGE: District 49 is one of Colorado’s fastest growing school districts. Earlier this year, another violent hailstorm  roared through the district and did serious damage to many of the skylights. School district managers were concerned about future hailstorm damage and were seeking a better solution.

THE SOLUTION: We replaced 45 skylights on five different schools in the district, VELUX Dynamic Domes were chosen, a significant upgrade from the original acrylic skylights. Polycarbonate outer lenses offer protection against hail and prismatic inner lenses provide excellent glare-free daylighting.

Standard Dome Skylights

Standard Dome Skylight

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logo American SkylightsCustom made up to 32 sq ft

21 sizes up to 8×8

Signature Series
21 sizes up to 5×10

18 sizes up to 5×10

Pyramid Skylights

Pyramid Lens Skylight

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logo American SkylightsCustom made up to 32 sq ft

8 sizes
Up to 8×8

Signature Series
5  sizes up to 5×5

Double Hipped/Extended Pyramid Skylights

Double Hipped/Extended Pyramid

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logo American SkylightsCustom made up to 32 sq ft

13 sizes
Up to 6×8

Signature Series
17 sizes up to 5×8

Octagon/Round Skylights

Round Dome Skylight

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logo American SkylightsRound – From 2′ to 8′

4′, 5′, 6′, 8′ dia.

Barrel Vault Skylights

Barrel Vault Skylight

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logo CPI Daylighting4′ or 5′ widths
10′, 12′ or 14′ lengths.

logo American SkylightsCustom manufactured to your dimensions.

logo Skyline Skylites2 1/2′ to 10′ wide – Any length

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