Bryant U Dome Skylight MAGS BAR Retrofit Part 3

Bryant U Dome Skylight MAGS BAR Retrofit Part 3


Work Is Progressing on the Remaining Three Rows of the Dome Skylight.

Part of a 100% successful installation requires the proper use of flashing and sealants.

Our installations allow for normal wear and tear to occur on the dome skylight with the typical degrading of sealants (loss of adhesion) through time.

When this happens water starts to penetrate the first line of defense, the silicone, and over more time, the second line of defense—the neoprene gasketing.

However,  we still expect the dome skylight to continue to provide a leak-free condition.

We do this through the use of flashing that is applied under the MAGS BAR system in key locations.

This flashing ensures leak-free conditions—now and far into the future.  This is why we know our skylights will not leak, because of the time and detail that goes into the product and the expert installation of that product.

Triple protection and the time it takes to apply this protection properly is key, even when production is important.

Our success lies in having key individuals that are responsible for quality control, just as we have key individuals that are responsible for safety.

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Product Used:

  • 140 domes manufactured by Skyline Sky-Lites. 3/8″ thick acrylic #2370 bronze.
  • This is a non-structural, all aluminum, glazing bar with neoprene gaskets. It allows for the simple installation of glazing on any structure and with any design.

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