Bryant U Dome Skylight MAGS BAR Retrofit Part 4:

Weather has been favorable and the dome skylight retrofit is on a fast pace and ahead of schedule!

All 140 domes have been set—Finish work, including beauty caps, is completed. Two weeks ahead of schedule!

Bryant University had a strict timeline as far as when they needed this project completed – the start of the new school year. The common area underneath this skylight is a key place where the new students congregate to receive training, instructions and orientation. It would have been nearly impossible to interact with new students underneath the scaffolding while work was being performed above.   Bryant trusted Skylight Specialists, Inc.’s schedule, especially after receiving a critical path timeline that showed how we were going to accomplish our goals. We build into our schedule unforeseen’s, such as bad weather and we are always conservative with how much production we can get per day. We spend a great deal of time planning which increases our odds of success. We were fortunate enough to have many days of dry weather and we were able to finish the skylight retrofit 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule. Our goal is to always under-promise and over-deliver on our schedule. It definitely makes everyone happy!

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Product Used:

  • 140 domes manufactured by Skyline Sky-Lites. 3/8″ thick acrylic #2370 bronze.
  • This is a non-structural, all aluminum, glazing bar with neoprene gaskets. It allows for the simple installation of glazing on any structure and with any design.

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