Bryant U Round Skylight MAGS BAR Retrofit Part 2

Bryant U Round Skylight MAGS BAR Retrofit Part 2

Top Two Rows and Apex Dome Are Completed on the Round Skylight.

The start of this project required the removal of the old, 5′ round skylight at the apex and the rebuilding of the curb, flashing and ladder support ring.
  • A base flashing was first applied and sealed with silicone to the skylight curb. The curb was raised to provide proper clearances.
  • The glazing bar was mounted on top of the flashing and then 1.5″ of insulation was added to provide backing and prevent condensation. Ice and water seal was applied over that, creating a water and airtight seal.
  • The ladder ring brackets were added and black metal flashing was cut and bent around the round skylight. The horizontal surfaces were cut into a round shape. The vertical portions were notched and covered with a separate piece of flashing to create a smooth seamless look that is permanently watertight.
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Product Used:

  • 140 domes manufactured by Skyline Sky-Lites. 3/8″ thick acrylic #2370 bronze.
  • This is a non-structural, all aluminum, glazing bar with neoprene gaskets. It allows for the simple installation of glazing on any structure and with any design.

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