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Kalwall & Fiberglass Skylights

Kalwall Skylights Kalwall skylights are made with FRP, or fiber-reinforced polymers, commonly known as fiberglass. All fiberglass constructed skylights require maintenance. Cleaning the skylights periodically is helpful in removing pollution and light-blocking dirt from the exterior surface. Fiberglass skylights have an exterior gelcoat that helps reduce damage from UV rays, but this wears away over time. It … Continue reading Kalwall & Fiberglass Skylights

Embassy Suites Skylight Inspection

Embassy Suites Certified Skylight Inspectors

The Embassy Suites management team at corporate headquarters has asked all their hotels with skylights to perform a skylight inspection every five years. But it is important to have a certified skylight inspector perform the skylight analysis and check-up. Additionally, energy studies can be performed to determine how much could be saved if the skylights were replaced with energy efficient skylights.

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Skylight Specialists, Inc., brings over 35-years of commercial daylighting experience to the nation. We offer advice from a perspective that comes from decades of hands-on experience with existing skylight technology. You can read more on our experience in inspecting hotels, or all of our consultation jobs.

Fall Protection Skylights

Fall Protection Skylights Fall protection skylights are available for replacements and in many cases retrofitting your existing skylights to bring them up to code. If you are the owner of a building it is important to know the following information about your skylights, especially if you are looking to repair or replace the skylights. Failure … Continue reading Fall Protection Skylights

Skylight Inspection Requirements

Skylight Issues Interfering with Your Business? We can solve any skylight problems that you may be experiencing on your commercial building and let you know what the skylight inspection requirements are. We can handle and have experience with any number of issues with your skylights, ranging from making the skylights fall protection safe, problems with … Continue reading Skylight Inspection Requirements

Custom MAGS BAR Skylight for Pinnacle Apartment Clubhouse

Custom MAGS BAR Skylight for New Fitness Facility Pinnacle Apartment Homes was updating and renovating their clubhouse and installing a new fitness area for their tenants. They hired Ace Construction Services to design and build the remodel, who contacted us about getting more daylight into the building. We scheduled an evaluation with the contractor and … Continue reading Custom MAGS BAR Skylight for Pinnacle Apartment Clubhouse

Scaffolding Solutions Under Skylights

Protecting the People Replacing skylights that are installed over large areas, such as an atrium in an office building or a mall, begins with scaffolding solutions planning on how to protect the public and keep the job site safe for the workers while the replacement is under way. Many times a one story scaffolding “tunnel” that … Continue reading Scaffolding Solutions Under Skylights

Skylight Problem Solving at Trinity Lutheran Church

Failed Skylight at the Trinity Lutheran Church The local church had a failed ridge light skylight above their grand sanctuary that needed some skylight problem solving. They contacted us to examine and determine the best course of action, and after our estimate, we decided it would be best to replace all the skylights. On top of … Continue reading Skylight Problem Solving at Trinity Lutheran Church

Daylighting Gets LEED Gold for the Rocky Mountain Deaf School

Translucent Daylighting Installed at the Rocky Mountain Deaf School for LEED Gold Certification Construction recently finished on the new Rocky Mountain Deaf School in Jefferson County, Colorado. They were approved for a $13 million grant from the BEST (Building Excellent Schools Today) Program through the Colorado Department of Education to build a new school specifically designed with … Continue reading Daylighting Gets LEED Gold for the Rocky Mountain Deaf School

Structural Engineering of Skylights Solves Problems

Skylight Structural Engineering Solves Big Problems at the University of Wyoming The original skylights at the American Heritage Center in Laramie, WY, never performed as expected.  The skylights were designed to be flush with the roofing for aesthetic reasons, but the manufacturer’s system failed miserably for many different reasons. In fact, they’re no longer in business.  How … Continue reading Structural Engineering of Skylights Solves Problems

Ickes-Braun Glasshouses Inc

Ickes-Braun Glasshouses or Greenhouses Can be Repaired Ickes-Braun in it’s day built glazed structures – namely, greenhouses, skylights, housing for swimming pools, conservatories, solaria, housings for exhibit and display areas, botanical gardens, laboratories, atria, roof structures and many other glazed structures such as domes, ridges, pyramids and polygon skylights. You probably already know by now … Continue reading Ickes-Braun Glasshouses Inc