Natural Daylighting in Schools

A diffuser is used to disperse the light into the classroom

This article is interesting because of the use of a diffuser dispersing the light into the classroom. It sounds like it is very effective, and the unique part is he uses the diffuser with the electric lights at night, too. Uses less energy if the classrooms are used at night! Here is a portion of the article written by Libby Tucker and found in The New York Times:

The system channels the sun’s rays through a skylight and into a diffuser on the classroom ceiling set at precisely the right angles to spread natural light evenly throughout the room. After dark, the lights are on but they’re mounted inside the diffuser so that the light is amplified and dispersed, using only 0.4 watts per square foot – or half of the energy used to illuminate a regular classroom.

– G.Z. “Charlie” Brown
Architect and director of the university’s buildings lab

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