Shopping Center Repair

A true story about Lakeside Mall, Colorado

I got a call one day from a maintenance woman at a shopping center in Colorado that expressed frustration in the inability of anyone to stop her commercial skylight from leaking. She said that she had called the original manufacturer, other manufacturers, roofers and other so-called local skylight repair people and nobody had been successful in solving her problem. She spoke of having to budget semi-annual repairs to the drywall and paint and that because of that money being flushed down the drain she was willing to give it one more try.

I explained that we weren’t your normal skylight repair technicians. I told her that over the years we had bid on installing skylights for commercial projects. These types of jobs are won by being the lowest bidder. We won some jobs and we lost many more. Over time we were called to work on these low-bid skylights because the original manufacturer was no longer in business and guess what, the cheap skylights were leaking! In this way we gained invaluable experience in knowing how a skylight should be built and also how to fix those models which don’t meet these standards. The experience we’ve gained over the years, in the installation of many different brands of monumental skylights, in addition to the repair and maintenance of many of these same types of skylights has led to our position of being one of the few national experts in the industry. We have worked in many regions of the county, and in some of the worst expansion/contraction conditions in the world (100-degree temperature swings in less than four hours) which has been our proving ground and provided us with a diverse range of experience in the field.

She invested some money one more time with the hope that we would stop the leak. We weren’t on the job for more than an hour when we discovered the problem. It was obvious where the water was coming in and it was easy to fix. It had been improperly installed from day one, just in this one area. We had to disassemble and reassemble the skylight in this one isolated area, but the repair was completed in less than a day.

Admittedly relieved, she now conceded that she was frustrated that the problem had been relatively easy to repair, and had she known of this service sooner it could have saved her years of headaches!

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