Golf Course Skylight Repairs

Replacing Old Pella Skylights

We have seen, at least in the Denver, CO area, several golf courses that have large expanses of old-style Pella Skylights installed years ago, probably the mid 1980’s. Glenmoor Country Club and The Meadows Golf Course are two that we have worked on.

We had to remove the skylights at the Meadows and we replaced them with fiberglass translucent skylights. The beauty of the fiberglass skylight is that you can order it up to six feet in width and up to about thirty feet long. We were able to cover the openings from top to bottom with one complete piece. This makes installation easy and you never have to worry about a cross-joint leaking.

We replaced the glass and re-did the cladding (metal around the outside of the skylight frame) at Glenmoor. The skylights were laid out along each side of the ridge of the roof and this was a better cost-effective option than replacing them all. Also, Glenmoor wanted to keep the glass in order to save the view. The key in working on these old Pella skylights is re-doing the cladding. Without that work they will continue to leak.

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