NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher | Roof Renovation

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NC Aquarium Ft Fisher 28713--164543
The Cape Fear Conservatory sits on top of the main floor entrance level.

The North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher has a very large fiberglass skylight over its Cape Fear Conservatory exhibit which is in dire need of its fourth replacement. The fiberglass has deteriorated and is showing extreme yellowing and fiber bloom. The Conservatory roof is also in poor condition.

We have been hired to replace both the skylight and metal roof panels. The skylight is configured as an L shaped hipped ridge with two single slope skylights for a total of just under 10,700 sq. ft. We will also be installing about 13,000 sq. ft. of roofing panels and another 900 sq. ft. of wall panels to complete the project.

NC Aquarium Ft Fisher 28713--123744
The ugly, yellowed fiberglass is quite obvious from the interior.

Product Used:

  • CPI Daylighting 2.75″ Quadwall Hipped Ridge skylight 40.33′ wide x 194.00′ long odc. 22.55′ on slope odc.
  • CPI Daylighting 2.75″ Quadwall Single Slope skylight 17.00′ wide x 64.00′ long odc. 19.01′ on slope odc.
  • CPI Daylighting 2.75″ Quadwall Single Slope skylight 17.00′ wide x 90.00′ long odc. 19.01′ on slope odc.
NC Aquarium Ft Fisher 28713 the crew
L to R: Jake, Kevin H, Jon, Joseph, Phillip, Baley, Steven, Nick, Jason on the bike

We have lost one of our own, one of our family, one of the people that makes Skylight Specialists, Inc. who it is. Jason passed away of an apparent heart attack yesterday afternoon just outside their hotel in NC. Jake and Nick were both with him at the time and followed all the guidelines and got paramedics on-site asap but even with their heroic effort, Jason passed.


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