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Retrofit skylight panel replacement is a bit of a coordinated dance, so to speak. There are several stages that include removal of existing panels, installation of new purlins, and installation of the new CPI Quadwall skylight-panel system. Take a look at the time lapse videos below and you can see that the well-coordinated crews know how to remove and replace a section in a days time. There is no room for wasted time or wasted efforts. Everything has to be completed in one day.

The panels are “Clear Acrylic” to allow the maximum amount of UV light into the conservatory. This brings extra beneficial UV rays directly to the trees and plants.

These details for the flashing are as every bit important as the panels themselves, maybe even more so. The existing flashing was in rough shape with sections blown off from storms. Proper sealants and attachements are critical for long life.

Product Used:

CPI Daylighting Quadwall Skylights

  • (1) unit(s)-2.75″ CUSTOM SKIN HIPPED RIDGE 40.33′ wide x 194.00′ long odc. 22.55′ on slope odc. 7749 sq. ft.
  • (1) unit(s)-2.75″ SKIN SINGLE SLOPE 17.00′ wide x 64.00′ long odc. 19.01′ on slope odc. 1216 sq. ft.
  • (1) unit(s)-2.75″ SKIN SINGLE SLOPE 17.00′ wide x 90.00′ long odc. 19.01′ on slope odc. 1711 sq. ft.
  • Total – 10676 sq. ft.

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