Quadwall Panels

  • EXTEND building envelope longevity. The interior panel is always shielded.
  • RAINSCREEN PRINCIPLE – Equilibrium of air pressure between the outside and inside of the “rainscreen” prevents water penetration into the building itself.
  • REPLACE exterior glazing panel without exposing the building’s interior.
  • INCREASED control over light and solar heat gain, glazing colors and insulation values.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT – Provides the best ratio of insulation (U-Factor) to visual transmittance (VT%).
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE DAYLIGHTING – Glare-free diffused daylighting.
  • AESTHETICS – Internal panel structure allows for a flush, modern look on the exterior.

Bi-Color Option – Unique aesthetics – Customized Solar Performance.

quadwall colors
Quadwall Panel Colors

A different color and finish can be selected for each of the two independent glazing panels that make up the system.

Each glazing color has an inherent solar performance. By varying the combination of the glazing colors, not only can you create unique visual elements, you can also customize the solar performance of the system.

The optional matte finish on the panels will increase their ability to diffuse light and eliminate glare.


quadwall system
  • Quad Glazed – U value of 0.23 with Light Transmission of up to 52%.
  • NFRC tested and certified for U value and SHGC.
  • Anti-glare and diffused light meets and exceeds energy code requirements.
  • Best ratio of insulation to light transmission for cost effective performance.


The Quadwall® self-span capability is increased with the addition of concealed aluminum H connectors.

quadwall Longspan

A wide range of aluminum H connectors are available to maximize spanning performance.The double tooth grip-lock design of the H connector and glazing panels provides a secure and durable 2 panel assembly.

The system includes a built-in internal gutter under the exterior panel that ensures drainage in isolation from the interior panel.

  • The Quadwall® Long-Span can be designed to span from 6′ to 14′ long, based on the required design load.
  • Quadwall© Long-Span optimizes the design of the supporting structure, resulting in cost savings over single insulated panels.
  • Quadwall® can be configured for compliance with the DoD Antiterrorism Standard for Buildings, UFC4-010-01, 2/9/2012


Overcome code restrictions for use of light transmitting plastics with a patented fire rated translucent system.

quadwall fire rated

Class A, B or C Roof Assembly per the International Building Code (IBC) – ASTM E-108, UL 790, FM 4470

The Quadwall Fire Rated “Class A” Roof Assembly is similar on the surface to a standard Quadwall panel system. However, inside this specially configured Quadwall system are structural modifications which allow it to satisfy the performance requirements of all of the following code and test standards:

  1. ASTM E108
  2. UL 790
  3. FM 4470
  4. NFPA 256
  5. IBC building code
  6. ULC-S107 : UL of Canada
  • The Quadwall® Fire Rated Roof Assembly has been listed and labeled by Approved Independent Agencies for Class A, B or C Roof Assemblies & Roof Coverings, as required by the IBC Building Code.
  • All standard Quadwall systems are rated as Class C Roof Coverings — Specially engineered Quadwall systems are rated as Class A or B Roof Coverings.
  • CPI Fire Rated Panel Systems provide ALL of the design flexibility and benefits of CPI Daylighting’s Quadwall Translucent Panel Systems.


The Quadwall® model FE-4C system is rated for 5 minute forced entry resistance.

quadwall forced entry

This Quadwall® Skylight system is similar on the surface to a standard Quadwall® panel system. However, structural modifications are made within a FE-4pc panel system which result in product performance that satisfies requirements for:

  1. US Department of State SD-STD-01.01 Revision G: Forced Entry and Ballistic Resistance of Structural Systems
  2. Department of Defense DoD Security Manual UFC4-020-01 and UFC4-010-01


When a Dade County Hurricane Resistance NOA is required

quadwall hurricane endurance

Pentaglas® panels can be assembled as a skin system over any substructure that meets FBC code requirements, freeing designers from limitations imposed by standard structures. System meets the FBC design load of negative 100.0 psf and positive 110.0 psf.  System has been fully tested for uniform static air pressure, large missile impacts, cyclic loading, air infiltration and water infiltration.

A custom Pentaglas® 16 system has been certified: Dade County Notice of Acceptance # 05-1207.01.

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Translucent Wall Panels with Superior STC Rating of 32-43

quadwall sound reduction
  • Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class (OITC) rating from 32 to 29.
  • All the benefits of a Quadwall® 2 panel translucent daylighting system.
  • Wide range of colors and matte finishes on the interior glazing panel.
  • Panelized into modules of 4′ or 6′ for ease of installation
    Insulation values ranging from 0.10 to 0.16.

Quadwall® translucent panels with custom inserts to reduce sound transmission for enhanced STC ratings needed for special applications.

The sound reduction inserts are light transmitting – maintaining the highest possible ratio of light transmission to sound reduction performance.

The thermal insulation U-value is also enhanced by the custom inserts used in the Quadwall® Sound Reduction panel system.