Kalwall Fiberglass Skylight Replacement

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Replacement of an existing commercial skylight while the building was occupied

We recently completed the replacement of approximately 375 linear feet of fiberglass ridge lites manufactured by Kalwall with barrel vaults, manufactured by CPI. The original skylights were originally installed seventeen years ago in Charlotte, North Carolina and had deteriorated, causing several problems. One problem was the fiberglass had turned yellow which created a very depressing light in the building. The other major problem was the panels had a fiberglass insulation in-between the inner and outer layers and apparently water had penetrated the outer layer causing a “fishy” smell to permeate into the building. The owner had fans installed in the gable ends of the old skylight to help remove the offensive smell.

The new skylights were installed within about two weeks and care was taken to keep the inhabitants safe and dry. We only removed as much skylight that could be re-installed in the same day and precautions were taken to keep the connection water tight while in progress.

The new skylights are much whiter in appearance and will last much longer than the original skylights.

The owner is very satisfied with the entire project and was surprised on how smoothly the entire project was completed.

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