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Ickes-Braun Glasshouses or Greenhouses Can be Repaired

Ickes-Braun in it’s day built glazed structures – namely, greenhouses, skylights, housing for swimming pools, conservatories, solaria, housings for exhibit and display areas, botanical gardens, laboratories, atria, roof structures and many other glazed structures such as domes, ridges, pyramids and polygon skylights.

You probably already know by now that the Ickes-Braun company is no longer in business, however, you may not know that we specialize in repairing or replacing that particular brand of skylight. We also know how to troubleshoot different aspects of the product such as the operating mechanism that you sometimes find on the greenhouse enclosures or botanical garden enclosures.

Some systems we can wet seal and solve leaking problems, other are beyond salvaging the exterior glazing.  One of the ways we are able to save costs when replacing the glazing is by applying a new glazing system on the outside of the existing structure. In this way we don’t have to replace the entire skylight, just the part that is allowing water to penetrate into the interior.

Additionally, we can upgrade the glazing depending upon the existing structure. Upgrades include improving thermal performance so that you can reduce your cooling energy costs in the summer and lower your heating load in the winter.

Glazing’s can be either glass, acrylic or monolithic polycarbonate that you can visually see through. These glazing’s can be applied in single or double glazing. The structure has to be looked at to determine whether it is strong enough to hold the additional weight. And, there are great translucent products that again can be added to the exterior creating a new “skin” for your skylight. The advantage to these translucent products is they are lightweight and have nano-cell technology that creates many air spaces allowing for a much better insulated product. The downside is you cannot see through the glazing but the upside is the improved quality of light that transforms the “old” looking skylight into a dynamic “new” skylight without the cost of an entire new structure.

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  1. We have a sun-fun pool enclosure erected approx 40 years ago. 27 years ago because a hailstorm riddled the translucent material, we had it reclad
    by Pool Protection Products of Basingstoke, who no longer are in business. We have had the roof pressure-hosed recently to clean it, but millions of tiny shards of the roof material have come off, as well as the accumulated dirt These reflect sunlight. A neighbour has expressed concern that this material could be hazardous to his family. Would this material be glassfibre, or some other non-hazardous substance, as we can’t believe that the suppliers could have only used safe roofing material in the first. Have yopu any information /


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