Fall Protected Skylights Save Lives

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Fall Protected Skylights Save Lives

We see news reports like this one listed here where Man Falls Through Skylight, quite frequently.

We recommend that if you own a building that contains skylights, then be sure to take the time and effort to make sure that it is fall-protected to prevent any kind of injuries or deaths from accidental falls.

If the skylights do not meet code you can be liable as being responsible for others protection and safety.

There are several options to make your skylights up to code, some which are not all that expensive, depending upon the skylight and how the skylight is being utilized.

Some of the options include replacing the entire skylight. Usually this option is chosen when the skylight has reached the end of its expected lifespan and is not able to be repaired. In other words you need new skylights anyway.

Another option is to replace the skylight glazing. This leaves the structure in place and you get just the glazing replaced. Sometimes you can utilize the existing system for that and other times you can “re-skin” the existing structure.

Then there are two options where you don’t touch the skylight but you provide protection by installing a metal framework over the interior of the opening or by installing railings around the exterior of the skylight.

One other rarely used but is still an option is to raise the curb to a height that is as tall as a railing; somewhere around 36-45″ tall, depending upon your local codes.

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