Skylight Technologies

New inventions and technologies used in skylights

There are many new technologies that are arriving on the scene, even as you read this. Nano-technology inventors have come up with coatings that keep your glass clean, others have designed glass to go from clear to completely dark, allowing no light in at a touch of a button. There are many other coatings such as Low E that help block UV (ultra violet) rays and also raise the R value of the glass, and coatings that have been applied to metal to create the tube light design. One manufacturer has designed a “bead” wall made of glass where beads are pumped in-between the glass at night or on cold days then removed when it is warm out. There are many other products including translucent fiberglass “sandwich” panels and fiber optics, among others.

As I research further I will update this skylight blog with all new technologies that I can find.

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