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The New Clubhouse Will Incorporate Daylighting with a Saddle Ridge Skylight.

The Loveland, Colorado luxury apartment complex wanted to get more daylighting into their main clubhouse and contacted us to help. They wanted a wall of windows, but were worried about glare. We suggested a saddle ridge skylight to increase ambient light and reduce glare from the windows. After making all the design decisions, we installed a Skyline Sky-Lite saddle ridge skylight onto the on-site curbs, which were built by the general contractor to our specifications. We also worked hard to make sure everything was installed in a timely manner.

The Skyline Sky-Lite was installed with Clear Solarban 60 (2) LowE glass and bronze anodized aluminum. The special coatings on the glass help prevent breakage in hail storms, and block 99.8% of all UV light. This prevents fading and damage to furniture, carpet and other decorations inside. The skylight also is thermally sealed, keeping heat in the winter time, and heat out in the summer time, reducing the heating/cooling bill. The extra daylighting reduces the need for electric lighting, increasing energy savings. Skylights also provide healthy, natural daylight in the space with soft translucent light and accurate color rendition. The increase in daylighting has been shown to increase productivity in work environments and increase sales in retail environments. And finally, the maintenance free skylight will provided additional value to the facility’s property value.


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