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The Neenan Company has hired Skylight Specialists, Inc. to install twelve Velux Sun Tunnels on the Yuma Middle School in Yuma, CO.

The project:

Up on the roof:

The VELUX TGC 022 Pan Flashed Sun Tunnels with turrets is an ideal choice for this metal roof application. It eliminates the additional flashing that a curb would require and the turret raises the dome above normal snow accumulations.

Once the materials are organized and lifted to the roof, holes are cut through the roof and turrets are installed. Next comes the turret and domes. Next the tubing is inserted and the impact resistant domes are installed to finish the rooftop installation.

The interior:

Product used:

An atypical choice—the TGC pan flashed Sun Tunnel

TGC 022

(12) VELUX TGC 022 Pan Flashed Sun Tunnels

(12) TGC 022 5000 22in Impact Dome & Curb Flashing Kit
Improved resistance to impact—think hail.

(12) TTC 022 0002 22″ Tile Ceiling Diffuser Kit-Frosted
Softer daylighting than the more typical prismatic diffuser.

(12) ZTP 022 22″ Daylight Controller with (3) ZZZ 233 Controller Switch/Power Supply
Very common for school installations since the daylight can be dimmed for audiovisual presentations, for example.

Some not so common options:

ztc insulating pane thermal break
ZTC 022

(12) ZTC 022 0401US 22″ Thermal Break Energy Kit

For suspended ceiling (TTC) and open ceiling (TOC) applications to improve energy efficiency.

zta turret extender
ZTA 022

(12) ZTA 022 0012 1′ Turret Extender for 22″ Sun Tunnel

Flashing extender to raise the edge of the dome in flat roof applications.

zzz 192 fire bands
ZZZ 192

(12) ZZZ 192 0022 22″ Fire Ring for Dome

Provides dome edge protection needed for installation on Class B and C rated roofs.

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