Sun Tunnels | Ken Caryl Middle School

The Commercial Division of Skylight Specialists, Inc. will be installing (23) Velux 22″ Sun Tunnels as a part of the project. No ordinary tube light to begin with…

Monarch Casino | Black Hawk, CO

Monarch Casino rendering

Celebrating a major construction milestone: reaching its final height of 23 stories. We will install four ridge skylights manufactured by Oldcastle BuildingEnvelopes.

Pyramid Skylight | Aurora Federal CU

cpi pyramid 24451-131434883

Polycarbonate Pyramid.

Furnished and installed one CPI Daylighting Direct2Fab Quadwall pyramid skylight with flashing. D2F is a fast delivery program for…

Polycarbonate Canopy | Louisville, CO

polycarbonate canopy 24447-085839512

Kestrel Senior Living Center

Construction began in February 2016. Staff anticipate that the first units will be ready for occupancy by April 2017. The remaining units will then be…