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Velux VMS modular glass skylights will replace the old barrel vault skylights on the new headquarters for AAA of Colorado.

Retrofit barrel vault skylights with Velux VMS modular glass skylights. The new space under these skylights will be the headquarters for a nationally known company, AAA of Colorado. Their request was to have a better skylight than a cheap barrel vault, but one that didn’t look too industrialized or institutional look to it. The obvious choice was the Velux Ridgelight.

The Modular System Represents a Significant Upgrade.

The system withstands weather extremes and is easy to install, therefore it lowers costs. And because it has one of the lowest overall U-values for frame and glazing assembly on the market, it will continue to save money.

Product Used:

  • Four VELUX HFC Ridgelight skylight systems.
  • Sixteen fixed modules size 35.4″ x 55.1″ per skylight.
  • Low E³ glass.

In Process:


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