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Skylight Specialists, Inc. was hired by Himmelman Construction Inc. to install thirty Velux TCC 022 Sun Tunnels at the Collegiate Academy, a tuition-free public charter school in Jeffco Public Schools serving grades K-12. The school is located in the southwest corner of the Denver metro area.

The school elected options of impact resistant acrylic domes, prismatic tile ceiling diffusers, and daylight controllers for all of the Sun Tunnels.

Building curbs:

Our crew will build curbs of fire treated lumber with the layout provided by others.

Installing curbs:

Holes are cut through the rolled roofing, insulation and metal decking. The curbs are then attached to the roof deck.

Here are a couple examples of what can happen when the locations provided by others are not fully coordinated with other subcontractors, such as HVAC installers and electricians:

Flashing, dome and tube installation:

After the curbs are installed, the Sun Tunnel flashing is installed on top. Next the tube is inserted from the roof and the impact resistant domes are secured to the flashing. The rest of the installation occurs from the interior.

The daylight controllers are opaque butterfly “valves” that open or shut via a switch connected to a power supply. For this project, a suspended ceiling diffuser is attached to the end of the tubing.

Interior work:

The interior work requires coordination with other subcontractors. For example, wiring and the ceiling grid need to be completed prior to completing the Sun Tunnel installation.

Product Used:

Velux Commercial Sun Tunnels:

  • (30) TCC 022 5000 22in Impact Dome & Curb Flashing Kit
  • (30) TTC 022 0002 22″ Tile Ceiling Diffuser Kit-Prismatic
  • (30) ZTP 022 22″ Daylight Controller
  • (8) ZZZ 233 Controller Switch/Power Supply

Benefits of TCC SUN TUNNEL skylights:

  • High profile VELUXSunCurve
  • Low profile curb mount flashing
  • Flexi Loc™ tunnel system
  • Pivoting tunnel
  • Seamless flashing
  • 16″ Upper collar
  • Roof pitch 0° – 60°

Layout by others

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