Velux Sun Tunnels ASOS Expansion

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The Project:

The United States Air Force’s 13th Air Support Operations Squadron (ASOS) is a combat support unit located at Fort Carson, Colorado. The squadron provides tactical command and control of close air support assets to US Army ground commanders of the 4th Infantry Division during combat operations.

As part of the new expansion to the building, Skylight Specialists, Inc. will be installing sixteen Velux 22″ Sun Tunnels with impact resistance domes.

Coordination is required.

This project has been slow to progress. We are working closely with the general contractor’s schedule, and there are several phases that must be completed before we can do our parts.

For example, the roof and curbs must be in place before the curb flashing can be installed. Interior work such as piping and ductwork must be completed before tubing and the domes can be installed. Then the ceiling grid must be in place before the diffusers can be placed and connected to the tubing.

Product Used:

  • (16) TCC 022 5000 22in Impact Dome and Curb Flashing Kit
  • (16) THC 022 0002 22″ Hard Ceiling Diffuser Kit-Prismatic
  • Numerous 22″ Elbows & Tunnel Kits
  • (12) ZTP 022 22” Daylight Controller
  • (12) ZZZ 233 Controller Switch/Power Supply

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