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The Myrtle Beach VA Outpatient Clinic is one of 28 leases authorized for construction in the 2014 VA Choice Act. The 84,000 sq. ft. facility will provide Veterans with quicker, more convenient access to high quality health care.

Groundbreaking occured May 31, 2019 and Skylight Specialists, Inc. was hired by the General Contractor, Harvey Cleary Builders, to install four 10.33′ x 20.00′ CPI Daylighting Quadwall RIDGE Skylights. With the curbs built by others, our project began 5/11/20 after the completion of the roofing.

The crew is split.

The job begins with a safety orientation, receiving the CPI shipment of five crates, setting up the safety zones, and uploading tool boxes and framing crates. On day two the crew is divided for two tasks—installing the engineered aluminum flashing on the curbs and the skylight frame assembly.


The task begins with the installation of 1/4″ thick by 6″ wide aluminum base plates on top of the curb, followed by the installation of the flashing itself, Everything is caulked with Dow Corning 795 structural silicone. Rivets and screws are used to join it with the curb.


The other crew members started off by building the skylight frames on plywood provided by the roofers, so we could protect the roof. By the end of day two, two skylights had been flashed and the frames installed on the curbs.

Day three proceeded much like day two and by the end of the day, all four of the skylights have frames attached to the curbs and are ready for panel setting.


Day four is spent installing the translucent, 4″ double walled, polycarbonate panels and doing the necessary caulking. By the end of the day, all four skylights are finished except for some final caulking.

Day five is spent doing the caulking of the pressure cap joints, using a scissor lift to caulk the interior edges of the base plates to the roofing and downloading the tools and trash. A job done right!

Product used

CPI Daylighting
(4) units 4″ Quadwall RIDGE Skylights with vertical ends
10.33′ wide x 20.00′ long, 5.53′ on slope odc. Total – 985 sq. ft.

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