Seattle Parking Structure Wall Lights

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Modernizing a Downtown Eyesore with Wall Lights

This unique project was designed to take an ugly, dirty-looking, nine story parking building sitting in downtown Seattle and modernize its appearance while protecting the cars and people using the space from inclement weather. An opaque wall was not an option for obvious reasons, including safety. Additionally, some of the walls were curved and all work had to be completed from the interior.


  • Working closely with the architect and CPI Daylighting, Skylight Specialists, Inc. installed wall lights in a very unique solution that met all the requirements and included some special challenges:
  • Acquiring all necessary licenses and building permits—no mean feat!
  • Accurately locating all existing handrail posts.
  • Deliveries at night and low ceiling height restrictions.
  • Keeping parts of the structure open to the public to insure continued income for the owner.
  • Installing the product from the interior required specialized equipment.
  • Maintaining straight and plumb installation—including a continuous curve—for nine stories.
  • Keeping the public safe and at bay.
  • Coordinating work with all other trades involved in the major overhaul.

Product Used:

  • 24,000 sqf of a Pentaglas® single panel system weighing less than 2 lbs/sqf installed from the first to the ninth floors.
  • The ice white matte finish, standing seam panels were installed in reverse providing seamless flush look to the exterior, creating a “Times Square” look.
  • The Pentaglas® system design allows areas of the garage to be enclosed, while keeping others open for ventilation.
  •  Pentaglas 12


The completion of the wall lights project brought accolades from the owner, the contractor and the manufacturer. The result was stunning and if not for untimely economic downturn the owner wanted to continue with additional work.

We feel the cladding beautified the project. This is really important for the City of Seattle in this iconic piece of downtown.

Architect Lee Winn


  • The translucent wall lights corrected the daylighting  for the space by reducing glare.
  • Provided the benefits of healthy, natural daylight in the space with soft translucent light and protection from inclement weather.
  • No required maintenance or re-coating costs—individual exterior panels are easily replaced.
  • Increased the facility’s property value.

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