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In July 2020 we replaced one 40″ x 10 Kalwall skylight which exhibited extreme yellowing and fiber blooming. We will now be replacing two 30′ x 10″ units with two Kingspan Light + Air single slope skylights with polycarbonate, dual panel, Quadwall glazing.

Once the equipment and new skylights are lifted to the roof and uncrated. the project proceeds quickly.

While part of the crew removes the existing skylight, the other part of the crew is busy laying out and assembling the frame sections. Once the old skylight is removed, the team begins work on flashing the opening.

With the opening flashed, the team installs the frames and the Quadwall glazing. Head flashing completes the retrofit.

Product used:

  • (2) units Kingspan Light + Air 4″ Quadwall, single slope skylight – 9.50′ wide x 30.00′ long odc. 10.01′ on slope odc. 901 sq. ft.
  • Quadwall Specifications

Quadwall RST – Removable Skin Technology

  • REPLACE exterior glazing panel without exposing the building’s interior.
  • EXTEND building envelope longevity. The interior panel is always shielded.
  • RAINSCREEN PRINCIPLE – Equilibrium of air pressure between the outside and inside of the “rainscreen” prevents water penetration into the building itself.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT – Provides the best ratio of insulation (U-Factor) to visual transmittance (VT%).
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE DAYLIGHTING – Glare-free diffused daylighting.

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