Furniture Row Warehouse Skylights – Phase II

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This warehouse is owned by Furniture Row , a prominent furniture store chain. The warehouse suffered from inadequate electrical lighting and Ekco was responsible for improving the situation with skylights.

Daylight Design is Critical

The needs of each warehouse space varies and depends on the tasks being done. Here, it was the back of house warehousing area that needed additional lighting.

Going with natural daylighting instead of increased electrical lighting has also shown to increase production, reduce absenteeism, and generally improve employee health and well being.

We determined that  (8) 5×5 & (6) 4×4  skylights would provide the light needed in this particular installation.

The Installation:

Layout of the skylights required the use of a scissor lift. This allowed us to penetrate the roof from the inside to mark the four corners of each skylight.  Done properly, the EPDM can be rolled back and reused—reducing the roofers work load in making a weather tight curb. This also reduces the cost to the owner.

Skylight Specialists mounted the skylights on site-built wood nailers to get the proper required height off the roof deck.

Product Used:

  • (8) 5×5 & (6) 4×4 American Skylights insulated, self-flashed skylights w/9″ curbs.
  • Clear over white acrylic lenses.


  • Correct the daylighting and solar heat levels required for the space.
  • Reduce dependence on electric lighting—increase energy savings.
  • Increase the facility’s property value.
  • Healthy, natural daylight in the space with soft translucent light and accurate color rendition.
  • No required maintenance or re-coating costs—individual exterior panels  are easily replaced.
  • In work environments, increased daylighting has been shown to increase productivity.
  • In retail environments, increased daylighting has been shown to increase sales by as much as 40%.

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