Failed Fiberglass Skylights – Englewood Recreation Center

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Englewood Recreation Center provides an indoor track, swimming pool, gymnasium, and many other amenities for the local public. The interior, when built, was well lit with colorless, translucent light.

Unfortunately, the architect had specified fiberglass sandwich panels and the general contractor chose a manufacturer such as Kalwal or Major Industries to perform the work.

It wasn’t long before Rec Center’s maintenance people discovered that the fiberglass wasn’t holding up under the sun’s intense rays. Failed fiberglass had created a definite yellowish cast to the light. The failed fiberglass also exhibited fiber blooming—a condition that exposes the glass fibers to the surface. Fiber blooming is unsightly and can reduce the amount of light transmitted through the skylight.

A replacement skylight would be needed.

  • Replaced the failed fiberglass panels.
  • Able to pre-construct the new skylight frames prior to opening up the old skylight, which reduces time exposed to the elements.

Product Used:

  • Two CPI Daylighting Direct2Fab 4″ QUADWALL SADDLE RIDGE SKYLIGHTS.
    21.82′ wide x 48.50′ long odc. 11.50′ on slope odc. 2231 sq.ft.
  • Direct2Fab (formerly Fastrak) is a fast delivery program for custom sized skylights from CPI Daylighting. Each D2F project moves directly from order entry to the fabrication floor— eliminating weeks of engineering and submittal time.


  • The product was quickly acquired due to ordering a pre-engineered system.
  • Work performed did not interfere with the activities inside.


  • Restore the daylighting and solar heat levels required for the space.
  • Reduce dependence on electric lighting—increase energy savings.
  • The taxpayers will love the energy savings provided by the new skylights.
  • Increase the facility’s property value.
  • Healthy, natural daylight in the space with soft translucent light and accurate color rendition.
  • No required maintenance or re-coating costs—individual exterior panels  are easily replaced.
  • In work environments, increased daylighting has been shown to increase productivity.
  • In retail environments, increased daylighting has been shown to increase sales by as much as 40%.

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